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In the fight against bacteria and the spread of germs there are some extremely powerful tools at your disposal. However, it can be just as important for your health, and the environment, to choose a product that is eco-friendly. This doesn’t mean that you have to lose any of the effectiveness that our other products boast. Martin services green solutions supplies are just as potent and will keep your environment as clean and sterile as you need it to be.Read More

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There are any number of areas that can require a greener touch when you set to cleaning them. You might work in an area with a lot of children, such as a crèche or school, or you might be cleaning an area where a lot of sick or elderly are present. By choosing an eco-friendly hygiene product, you’re not only helping the natural environment, but you’re using a product that is friendlier to the people in your care. Sanitary Cleaners, Air Fresheners and Toilet Cleaners are just some of the products that can make your home or place of work that much safe.

  • Fat and Oil Cleaning. When it comes to cooking and serving food, it’s imperative that you keep your kitchen sanitised. Our Green Solutions Fat and Oil Cleaning supplies are the gentle way to keep your food safe.
  • Floor and Surface Cleaning. The largest surface area you’ll have to clean is the floor in your home or place of work, so you can only imagine the amount of cleaning product you’ll regularly use. With a green floor cleaning product, you can be assured that your impact on the environment is minimal.
  • Maintenance Care. The machines you use day in and day out require just as much attention as any other area. Keep your hygiene standards up to scratch when you use the products from our green solutions range.
  • Sanitary Care. It would take a very long time to count the number of items and areas you have to keep free of germs. The range of products you use to stay hygienic can be just as large. Use our eco-friendly cleaning products to keep the environment, and your health, safe.
  • Air fresheners. There’s no need to pollute the environment when you’re freshening up the scent of your home. You can quit worrying about the impact you’re having when you select a spray from our green solutions air freshener range.

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When you’re ensuring the health of those around you, you can also ensure the well-being of our environment. Many cleaning products are eco-friendly and safe to use in larger amounts, and at Martin Services, we pride ourselves on providing them. Our entire Green Solutions range is available to buy online so order yours today.n Solutions.

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