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Looking for first aid supplies in Ireland? You've come to the right place. When it comes to health and safety, the most practical thing you can do to ensure your readiness is having a well-stocked kit of first aid supplies near any site that could seem dangerous or where an accident might occur. This could be on the premises of a labor-intensive business, near the playground of a school, in every classroom of a school, in the kitchen of a busy restaurant, or even at home, where any number of domestic accidents can occur.Read More

Because you can’t predict when exactly an accident might happen, the most important thing you can do is be prepared. Martin Services are ready to help you do just that.

Since 1982, we’ve provided a broad range of first aid supplies to various businesses in Ireland and abroad. Our wide selection of first aid categories conform to both the HSA and HSE regulations, and, most importantly, they cover almost any ailment that you might be inflicted with in an unfortunate accident. From a small paper cut to a more serious gash, from burns to sprained limbs, our array of first aid supplies will keep your injury under control until you receive proper medical attention. At Martin Services, we like to consider ourselves as the only first aid supplier you'll ever need!

First Aid Supplies Ireland

We’ve expanded our range of first aid supplies to include a wide selection of products for one very simple reason – accidents happen. Whether you’re working on a tough construction site or in the calm of a quiet office, you might be unfortunate enough to be struck by an unexpected mishap. Thankfully, there are many regulations in place to ensure that if something bad does happen, there’ll be a first aid kit nearby to tend to your injury.

Even when there isn’t a law that requires your employer to have a certain piece of first aid equipment, many people are becoming more and more aware that having a well-stocked first aid kit is just pure common sense.  Whatever your first aid supply needs, we've got you covered.

Items such as Eye Wash PadsBurn DressingsFirst Aid Gloves, and Catering First Aid supplies are some of our most sought after products because when an accident does happen, it’s crucial that there be preparations in place. There are many other mishaps that could occur throughout your day, so make sure to check out our first aid supplies catalog to see what could save you in the event of an emergency.

  • Plasters, Dressings, and Tapes. Even a small cut requires attention. After you’ve cleaned and sterilized a wound, it’s important that you cover it up. Hopefully, it’s just a nick you received while chopping some vegetables, but even if it’s something worse, a good bandage can keep the cut under control until you get medical attention.
  • Muscular Pain Relief. If you pull a muscle or hurt a limb in the course of a labor-intensive job, an ice pack or heat spray can alleviate the pain and help aid faster recovery. What’s more, it’s also important to keep first aid supplies like these around when you’re playing an intensive sport. You’re not a kid anymore – injuries happen.
  • Infection Control. A bad infection can lead to extremely serious complications if allowed to spread. Stop it in its tracks before it has a chance to cause any major damage. Make sure you have a generous supply of first aid wipes at all times.
  • First Aid Kits. Chances are, you won’t be looking to assemble your first aid kit with numerous different orders. We have a wide selection bundle that can cover your every need. We have Childcare First Aid KitsLarge First Aid Kits, Sports First Aid Kit, or if you’re looking for something smaller and easy to transport, a range of Bum Bag First Aid Kits.
  • First Aid Equipment. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t fit as easily into a standard first aid kit, we can help.

First Aid Kits Ireland

A first aid kit isn’t just a regulation that needs to be addressed. If you or anybody you know are ever unfortunate enough to suffer an accident, while at home or at work, the last thing you want is to open up a first aid kit only to discover that it’s half empty because the person responsible never checked to see if it was well stocked.

By keeping a supply of first aid items around, you’re hedging that if disaster strikes, your long-term health won’t be affected. Here at Martin Services, we want to make sure that when an accident happens, you aren’t just prepared, but that you’re prepared with the best. That way you know when you browse our range of first aid products you know that you’re buying quality.

Buy First Aid Supplies Online

Planning ahead is what first aid is all about. Because you don’t know what the future holds, but you need to be prepared for any eventuality, you need to have a full stock of first aid kit supplies nearby any site where an accident might happen. There is a huge array of mishaps that could potentially occur, so there is an equally large amount of first aid supplies available.

Often, your local supplier won’t keep everything in stock. Whether you're looking for first aid supplies Dublin, Cork, or anywhere in between, we’ve made our entire range of first aid supplies available to buy online so that you can get whatever you need to be delivered directly to your door.

Planning ahead has never been easier with Martin Services - your one-stop shop for first aid supplies Ireland!

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Here at the Martin Services online, we provide a wide range of first aid supplies, equipment, and kit in Dublin and surrounding areas.Read More

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